Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Great Water Heist Senate Bill 787

What a way to control hunting and duck hunting nothing. IF that luxary were to still exsist you would then need a federal license. They mentioned the farmers...what a way to control them AND our food source! Think groceries are high now? Just wait. If Feingold wants his states water controlled then fine let them control his state...leave everyone else alone! THIS IS BS and another plot to totally control us. IS ANYONE AWAKE YET??? Seriously! SERIOUSLY HELLO PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP! Is this how you want your kids growing is WE THE PEOPE NOT THE THE GOVERNMENT...they only have as much control as we let them...and you are giving them way too much. One person alone can't stop them, but WE together can!!! Is it not bad enough they want control over every other aspect of our lives...because "they know better than us what is good for us" are you seriously buying this bullshit! As is they also want to control the internet by July...oh that's right we have another tea party know the one that places like Bozeman MT is trying to shut down. Obviously we were heard last time and the internet helps spread this so WE can stand up for ourselves. There are other means fortunately to spread just not as affective. Anyhow unless one day you want to have to ask the Federal Government for a drink of water because you are thirsty you had better gotten your acts together.

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