Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Kennedy Dies....

Why should we get any less treatment than Ted.

He got all the treatment he needed to fight brain cancer yet they want us to accept substandard form of care that they are not subject to -yet WE pay their salary.

Ted being buried in Arlington Cemetary why should he get buried there when our military fought and died honorably and he dissed on them, cut their funding during Vietnam and now he gets the privelege of being buried among them?? What gives him that right after killing a girl because he was too stupid not to be sober and get behind the wheel. Some say oh he was drunk -it was accident...NO he killed her he left her til the next monring saving his sorry @$$ to go get help from his political people all for what a career. If it was not for his name and money he would have done time like anyone else.

I made a statement last night when I heard he passed on from his battle with brain cancer- that he finally did something right...meaning as he died. Maybe this wasn't the best way to have worded something as I never wish death on anyone, but had this been anyone else they would have done time, back in the day he would have hung for his crime of taking anothers life. Do I celebrate his death certainly not, but also feel he didn't deserve his place in the senate and certainly will NOT waste my time in mourning his passing. May he come back a better person in his next life.

I am really sick of these people in Washington, on the News, and the liberal media etc. Making Ted Kennedy sound like a saint who could do no wrong. Lets look at the real person shall we, He was a alcoholic, a murderer and a socialist.

In the end I do send condolences to the family as I am sure they are in grave pain in the loss of not one but now 2 family members.

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