Wednesday, October 28, 2009

obama inks the Defense bill

WITH hate crimes bill piggy backed onto it!!

I will take some time to get my thoughts in better order but off the top of my head I am NOT pleased with this BS.  If I understood this when I first heard about the hate crimes bill it will give more rights to pedophiles than protection for our children!!  I don't care if you want to be in a same sex relationship but seriously come on...

I remember the Matthew Shepherd story and I know that is where this bill was derived from, but if I remember correctly with how this is stated pedophiles will be able to twist this in their defense and state it is their choice and we can't do anything about it and WHY does this have to piggy back the defense bill....why??  Next thing you know the federal government will use it to take away our free speech.  this is just another way government is over reaching and abusing its power!!  So with this bill it will be open season on OUR children that we try and have laws to protect them I say it will be open season on these sick bastards that think they will try to come near ONE of my children!!

More to follow as I get my thoughts in order as I now hear that California NEA is funding porn and supporting it as an art form.... where does it stop will this end up with our children too!  WHAT... what is this world coming to??  I see pandoras box was opened with this bill.

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