Saturday, November 7, 2009

Health Care passes the house!

Health Care Reform Bill Passes House 220-215 :-( hopefully won't get passed the senate

While I agree with the need for health care overhaul, it scares the hell out of me that ordinary everyday Americans are going to be forced to buy health care from the same crooks who caused the problem, or face serious fines, or possibly even jailtime. That's just plain crazy BS!

Mandatory forcing people to pay for insurance, which they can not afford is just wrong it is against our 13th amendment basically is slavery! I would rather see no change than 'crazy' change. A bunch of 'rich' politicians deciding what 'we' the people can, or cannot afford, is VERY wrong.

I agree there needs to be alternative options, but if 'mandatory' is included in the language of the bill, I hope it fails. It BETTER FAIL!  More pressure on 'ordinary Americans' is unacceptable! It's already hard enough to make ends meet, without the fear of jail, or financial ruin.

Happy talk about health care, while putting in devastating consequences is anything but 'happy' for those that will be 'forced' to pay for 'rich politicians 'happy talk'. Just say no to mandatory health care! It's just wrong!

I want health care reform, NOT insurance reform. Does this bill give us that? We have no way of knowing because it's still be negotiated (meaning the Dems don't have enough votes for the original version). Who is really making out with our money....certainly isn't us now is it!?  We use alternative health care so unless there is something affordable that we can use for our ways of life this is plain and simply wrong! We would be forced to waste money on something we don't need.

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