Thursday, September 3, 2009

End The Feds 2nd meeting and New Patriot Paper

First I want to announce there is an awesome paper I am proud to be advertising in as they are fighting for the same rights as myself and many others. it is called the Patriot. Support is needed thru advertising to help this really get off the ground. If interested in more info please contact Jenna it can be found in many locations around town:0)

Myspace Bulletin I rec from ETF....

Join us at our second meeting! Potluck at Lindley Park! Meeting #2 is Saturday the 5th at 5PM

Thank you to everyone who just joined or email list yesterday! We had our first meeting last weekend at Lindley Park and had 50 people show up!

Now with are email list so large we might make 100 at just the second meeting! Our goal is to network with each other and together educate Gallatin County on how the Federal Reserve really works. We met a lot of good people at the first meeting and have already started making big progress. For instance, we met Clint who is not scared to call the radio and tell them like it is. We also met Steve and his wife Cris who brought a perfect cake for the BBQ [it said End The Fed] and they ordered the multidisc DVD burner that we really needed. We should all try to give them ten dollars at the next BBQ to off set the 500 dollars it cost. Our next move is to Canvas MSU with Documentaries about the Fed. We could find out when the Political Science and Economics classes get out and hand out a hundred DVDs as they walk out of class. After that we are going to hang them up on doors. They will all have our contact information on them so you will see our numbers grow so fast we won’t fit in the park!

Please get ACTIVE! If we don’t take action we are worthless to the cause and the cause is greater then us…….Its for our families future and the future of mankind. THIS BBQ is more of a Potluck….Last names…A-L pleas try to bring a main dish M-Z please bring a side or paper plates.

Steve also ordered 150 End The Fed bumper stickers so that will be at the Potluck for people to grab. We only ask that if you take one it ends up on a car right away. We want to see them all over town! PLEASE Reply to let us know if you could make it!

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