Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 Days what has he done


I asked this question all day yesterday, and I will ask it again today. Then, to make sure you are completely bored, I will ask it again tomorrow. I will continue to ask it until somebody gives me a freaking response. For all the hoopla surrounding Obama's approaching 100th day in office, what has the man accomplished? Seriously, folks. I want someone to answer the question.

Now the Democrat National Committee will tell you that Obama has "laid a foundation for change." Big deal. Fidel Castro "laid a foundation for change" in Cuba in the late '50s. When in the world are people going to understand that its not the change that is important .. its what you're changing into. From my Obama's change has been all about changing a society based on individualism, liberty and self-sufficiency into one based on collectivism, soft tyranny and government dependence. If that's what you voted for .. well then that's just what you're going to get.

Back to the Democrat National Committee. They have a good bit of cash lying around ... so they decided to spend some on brushing up Obama's image. The committee has produced a television ad to promote Obama's accomplishments during his first 100 days! Wow! This ought to be pretty sensational! We're getting this straight from the source! So here is what the Democrat National Committee says that Obama has accomplished:

-He signed the economic recovery act (the stimulus bill)

-He signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act

-He signed a bill for the State Children's Health Insurance Program

-He has outlined plans to "invest" in areas like healthcare, energy and education

Is there anything that stands out to you about this list? Here's something to think about ... how many of these acts or bills or plans do anything to decrease the size, scope or spending of the federal government? Another question ... which one of these great and glorious accomplishments actually enhance freedom in America? The answer would be none. Obama's greatest accomplishments have been promising change and growing our government. For a liberal, this probably makes Obama a very accomplished president. Obama isn't the only person out there who believes that America's greatness comes from government.

As I told you yesterday .. the people who are going to be most affected by Obama's first 100 days in office are people who are not in a position to comment on the job he's done thus far. These people are your children and your grandchildren. Save all of these articles and columns praising Obama for his rock star status and "hipness" ... let them see how cool future generations think it is to be paying of a massive debt brought on by a inexperienced bit-government leader who gained power on the basis of a slogan.

Speaking of rock stars .........

The articles pouring out of the lamestream media about Obama's first 100 days are priceless. I was serious, folks, about making a little scrapbook for your children. Yesterday I hope you had the chance to read the article about Obama being our "hippest" president. Today, we get this article from the American Free Press: Obamas rock and rule. Let me just give you a taste of what this has to offer ....

Fans swooning over the First Family's every move, wall-to-wall media coverage and one pampered pooch: the Obamas are the planet's hottest rock stars busy revamping the image of the US presidency.

In the 100 days since President Barack Obama and his family arrived in the White House there has been no sign of any let-up in the Obamania which swept the globe during the 2008 campaign.

Rather it has moved to the next level.

Tweenie girls now pin posters of the Obama's daughters, Malia, 10 and Sasha, seven, to their bedroom walls and fantasize about joining White House sleepovers and becoming BFFL -- best friends for life -- with the First Kids.

Magazine editors fight for the coolest image of the new president and his wife, Michelle, whether digging in the new organic garden, showing off their honed muscles, or romping with the First dog, Bo ...

And even though the United States is in the grip of its worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s, it seems the Obamas can do no wrong ....

Washingtonians have been lapping it up. Restaurants graced by the Obamas, see seats booked up for weeks ahead afterwards.

Kids are clamoring to get onto basketball teams in the hope that they will bump into one of the girls, and by extension their parents. And suddenly frumpy, staid old Washington is cool again.

This is what Americans wanted from their president, and they got it. The American Idol, YouTube, Entertainment Tonight voters of this country wanted a president that would look really cool on the cover of magazines, so they voted for the guy. They knew nothing about how he would represent our country to foreign leaders, no concept of his desires to radically grow our government, nothing. As I said before, your children will pay the price for this obsession with having a rock star for a president.

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