Sunday, April 19, 2009

Questions this fine evening!

Actress Janine Garafolo calls us "Racists" so I have a question errr several questions. (OH And I laugh everytime Obama's name is typed on my computer his name is not recognized by the spellchecker so is always underslined in red....its great- I don't correct it because it is the only humor I can find in this man)

QUESTION(s): I would love to know how many OBAMA SUPPORTERS have become "RACISTS" like us? How many people who VOTED FOR OBAMA ARE NOW "ONE OF US"?

How many people who VOTED FOR Obama are now some of the tea party protesters? That is what I mean.

I wonder how many within the black communities are now starting to understand that they were LIED TO and used to get him elected. That is a sad thing to find out after you put all of your heart and soul into a candidate.

for believing in the constitution we are now RACISTS? How-- Out-ra-geous!!! But ok guess I will take the title because more and more I feel like I hate everyone equally so call me a racist I don't care! It is getting harder and harder to know who you can trust, who is or is not lying, cheating and stealing from you. Animals don't lie to you...if the screwed up they know it and they tell you in their ways. They love you unconditionally think it is time to go back to the animal kingdom to live.

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