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Napolitana Insults our Troops/Vets

What is this a to our troops of YUCK FOU very much???? Well I for one want to say THANK YOU to these brave men and women, to their families for the tough times I know they endure being away from their loved ones. AND my photography business offers a 25% discount to ALL current military.


Napolitano should be fired!
Our troops don’t deserve this treatment!

Just when you think the Obama Administration cannot get any worse on national security, the blockbusters news breaks that they want law enforcement to scrutinize our returning military heroes for being right wing terrorist extremists. How outrageous! Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano should be FIRED for issuing such an outrageous report.

As if Eric Holder’s “nation of cowards” comment was not bad enough, now more officials of Obama’s administration are fomenting public outrage with divisive and anti-military views on ugly display for the whole country to see. Now Janet Napolitano’s department is under fire for asserting that our troops are likely candidates for domestic terrorism!

The Department of Homeland Security issued a report to its agents, advising them to be on the lookout for right-wing extremists to become violent and possibly commit terrorists acts and even goes so far as to allege that our TROOPS RETURNING FROM IRAQ will likely join these extremist groups. You can read in full text here

And now the Wall Street Journal is even reporting that our military heroes returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have been a target of a special FBI probe into ‘extremism’ since February!

Please help us defend our patriotic veterans and our military’s good name.

The Obama has been appointing far-left wing extremists to key posts at the Pentagon and the State Department, but want law enforcement to check out our returning military men and women. This is a total insult to the troops and to every American that appreci
ates the sacrifice of our military in protecting our security and freedom against Islamic terrorism.

The DHS report also defines “right wing extremism” as “groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as immigration or abortion.” What about supporting our troops and their missions? Move America Forward is dedicated to that single issue, so under that definition, they are lumping vets and pro-troop groups like ours together with hate groups like the Aryan Nation!

This is outrageous!

Janet Napolitano, the former Governor of Arizona who was appointed with much controversy to the office of Homeland Security Secretary, ought to be fired in shame for allowing this report to be published!

One excerpt from the offending report…

It comes as no surprise to Move America Forward that under Napolitano’s leadership, that the DHS is now suspicious of our own military men and women instead of the real threats posed by jihadists; we have been disturbed by Napolitano’s views ever since she was confirmed. In Napolitano’s first testimony to congress as DHS Secretary, she failed to even MENTION terrorism or 9/11even ONCE.

How can Homeland Security protect the citizens from the greatest threat, radical Islamic terrorism, if the director of the department refuses to even recognize it? When Napolitano was asked why she refused to talk about terror, she responded

“In my speech, although I did not use the word “terrorism,” I referred to “man-caused” disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear…”

If that’s right, that it’s not terrorism, but man-caused disasters, maybe we should respond with FEMA not the ARMY!

Napolitano should resign immediately or be fired for allowing this shameful
report to pass through the Department of Homeland Security.

Janet Napolitano clearly does not understand the War on Terror, our troops’ mission, and obviously she does not respect their professionalism or their sacrifices because she allowed this horrible report to be published. Many veterans groups are outraged including the American Legion, and we agree with them that Napolitano is way off base.

She tried to apologize yesterday during an interview with CNN where she said “I apologize for that offense. It certainly was not intended.” But she never admitted that the department was wrong to characterize vets as violent, extremist, and racist! And she didn’t explain why the FBI is intentionally probing our veterans as potential threats. ( )

MAF believes that Janet Napolitano should be fired and we WILL WORK to that end, but we need your help! Napolitano is NOT the only disturbing pick Obama has made, and it won’t be the last misjudgment, mischaracterization, insult to our troops, or dangerous policy that will come out of this administration!

MAF will always be on the forefront, protecting our troops’ honor in the press and supporting them in their missions against radical Islamic terrorists groups.
Please help us keep up the fight!

Your donation is tax deductible and is badly needed to help us keep
fighting the current administration’s undercutting our troops’ missions

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