Saturday, February 7, 2009

comment from a Georgian

This Georgian has it right may the south rise again!!!!!!:

A Georgia Gentleman // Feb 7, 2009 at 9:57 am

Maybe one should open a history book,
going back to the 1860’s, and take a look
at the war of Northern oppression
( commonly called the “Civil War” ).
Might it really needed to be termed the
War of federal oppression.

Might we not need to stop at ascension of
State sovereignty, and continue on to a
possible thought of succeeding from a
union of states, governed by an oppressive
socialist regime, which is hell bent on
destroying the United States of America,
and reducing OUR country to another
communist government controlled , state
owned gulag for those, once of a free
nation of the people, by the people, and
for the people.

We might only need to turn to the history
of communism, and to the writings of
Karl Marx , and the communist manifesto,
to understand the new demoncratic plan
of federal governance of all people,
business and institutions, all state
governments included, that is now in
motion in the chambers of the house,
senate, and in the office of the presidency.

They socialists inside the beltway are
moving quickly to consolidate their power,
and once consolidation is complete, the
power will only be to the federal
government, and the states now will be
totally subservient to federal control.
The will of the people will only bring
on the imprisonment, and deaths of those
who will question the authority of the
federal government, this as seen in every
instance where socialism and communism
has come to power.
The lead in to this can currently be seen
in the attack by the socialists in the federal
government on the free speech of the
people through dissent of the current
activities of the new socialist congress,
senate, and office of the presidency.
If the people, and the states allow this
cancer to spread, and consolidate its
power, the United States of America
will shortly be known as the USSA.
United Socialist States of America.

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