Friday, February 6, 2009

McCain and amnesty...AGAIN

Senator Harry Reid, an open-borders menace, told David Gregory on Meet the Press (January 4) that RINO Senator John McCain contacted him 'a day or two after the election' and wants to work with him on amnesty for illegal aliens. McCain needs to get on the other side of the Congressional Aisle where he belongs.

Sen. McCain has done enough damage to America, the Republican Party and Conservative people across the Country.

Sen. McCain and his radicals need to close up their shop and re-open with banners glowing with "McCain for Sale" "I am not Republican, I am not Conservative and I am not a Traditional Values American."

I Am angry with this guy parading around demanding that Conservatives support him when he is a closet Liberal that shows up too often like a Jack in the Box.


This tells me that McCain might have been as bad as Obama.
There was not much to pick from anyway...just two losers.
I do wish more would have listened to Ron Paul.  But then how
were many suppose to know of him if the media always shut him down??
I am not at all opposed to hearing Sarah Palins name on the ballot as the one for president in 2012.  Ron Paul not getting a chance this term now makes him to old to run, but she shares similar views and will be better prepped to go at it next round. NObama will NOT get a second chance.  He is going to run this country into the ground and has already started.  I do feel for Palin or whomever gets their chance next round because there is going to be quiet the clean up.
it was the lesser of 2 evils I suppose to have voted for McCain whom most likely would have shown more respect for our nations flag, anthem and pledge.  
We Must Have An Extreme Conservative Political Makeover Immediately I think we will be sorry if we don't start acting NOW

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