Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulus FYI

In case it isn't known ....Baucus AND Tester said yes to the stimulus!!!!!  Apparently what we the people of this state does not matter to is all about THEIR bottom line and they will be comfortable during this hardship time the rest of us will go thru.  But I guess that is no suprise being they are bleeding heart liberal demos.  There is NOTHING for us in that bill and like that first reporter tonight asked the last stimulus didn't help us what makes him think this one will...what does he know he isn't personal thoughts are for as hard as he is trying to push this thru RIGHT what debts has a timeline before we are are attacked on our soil!  Otherwise why the urgency....why not allow everyone to really go thru this pork bs and figure out what is really necessary.  I have been thru that list and I see nothing but debt that my children, grandchildren several years in the future will have to deal with for no reason. 

He was blaming President Bush w/o saying his name....if people seriously would go back and look he was doing awesome in helping the economy it was when people started cryng they wanted change because suddenly they didn't like Bush that they started voting in all dems in the house....that is when the economy started suffering!  This situation right now is NOT from what I have seen Bushes fault.  I am not saying he was perfect, I am not saying I agreed with him on many things....but this recession I do not feel is his fault.  And seriously I blame NObama....he said it himself tonight in his so called I like to hear myself speak speech the last 3 months have spiraled out of control.  No shit dipstick it is when you were pronounced as prez elect that shit went down the tubes.  HE said he was going to put higher taxes so WHY would a business want to stay in business they are going to hurt in the long run under his so called spread the wealth plan.  Corral West closing was not a factor of the economy the new CEO made an error in judgement in financial dealings and screwed the company.  So some of these business closures you have to look at everything -others like the oil companys aren't putting up with NObamas bullshit tax plans.

AND HOW DOES HE KNOW WE WON'T RECOVER if this stimulus isn't approved?????  I said in one of my last blogs BEFORE his little speech I felt....if this goes thru we are in trouble, and if we don't accept the stimulus we are in trouble...which is the more troublesome road???

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