Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry I am back to...Political stuff, but

I know I am onto more of a political road again.  I hate that MY blog is being consumed by this idiot, but also feel society NEEDS to know what they voted for.

I had a dream the other night that was really bothersome for me.  I awoke with a very uneasy feeling and the only things I remember from that dream is my the drivers seat of the car we were going I don't know where and talked of a lot of things I don't recall at this time.  BUT the feeling I walked away from that dream was we need to prep.  That we are about to see a far worse depression than she ever did in her day.  Quit worrying about who has the top technology it isn't going to matter and only be a waste of money you could use to prepare for the worst.  

Those that know me know that dreams come this vivid only where there is serious warnings to be had.  Otherwise I rarely remember any dream I have and normally when I have my dreams like this they aren't too far off into the future.  The dream had its hold on me so tight I remember trying to wake up but I couldn't there was such urgence to listen and heed her words. 

And where this stimulus bill is BAD BAD news I feel if we don't go along with it he is going to cause our depression far beyond what is necessary, yet if we go along with it...we are still in some major trouble.  Which is the lesser troubled road I don't know.  I do know that it is my sons generation that will have to pay for this debt.  My son that told me last night that he wants to own a farm, have 19 children, bullride and become a Texas Ranger.  Quiet the ambition and in comparison to todays society rather a simple life and that of hard work will get you where you want.  That government can't and won't take care of you.  personal responsibility!

I believe autistic kids were sent to try and show us the simplicity of life again.  I think they are our next generation of evolution to take us back to what our forefathers started and will have to rebuild this nation once it is destroyed from the current government.  The more I watch our country the more I firmly believe we were given the gift of a child with autism because of our beliefs and how we feel about how this nation should be.  We will be able to help him in keeping those roots firmly planted to accomplish whatever it is in this lifetime he is to accomplish.

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