Saturday, January 24, 2009

Montanans SUPPORT House Bill 228 This bill clarifies grey areas in the law that could result in damage to law abiding victims of crime who used a firearm in self defense.

Non law abiding citizens don't care if it is legal or not so protect yourself let your voice be heard so this bill can pass!!! Recently there was a shooting in Glasgow MT and you want to know what stopped it from getting worse a law abiding citizen with a consealed carry permit back the shooter down!! Look at Vermont and Alaska lowest gun crimes and they have very similar laws to this proposed one for Montana. Right now as the law is written you can't protect yourself with a gun even if someone comes and breaks into your house!! you will be the prey in which the police will go after.

"Criminals do not want an armed populace. Furthermore, the citizens do not want the government to strip of this right to keep and bear arms, because it is the gateway to keeping intact all the other rights that our Forefathers saw fit to pen into the Constitution. To eliminate the restrictive hold that law abiding citizens have that criminals already have is important. I hope it passes with great support. "

A side note I am a mom home alone with her 3 kids 4-5 days of the week at times 7 days a week weeks at a time I know for me this law would be of great comfort. My dog is a great alarm, but if it came down to it and I needed to protect myself and my children I need to know I am not going to be turned into the criminal because I shot an intruder.

" Sen. Larry Jent's ( SB 92) and Rep. Kendall Van Dyk's (HB 36) bills should be considered Fake Self-Defense Bills as they do not propose any substantial changes in the law. I believe they are feel good political attempts to make Jent and Van Dyk appear to be gun rights advocates.

Here are some links for those who like myself desire factual information on HB 228
The first link offers qualified explanations of each section of the bill and reasons the changes are needed. Note Section's 1 and 11 as these may explain why certain prosecutors and police officials do not support HB 228 but instead have lent their support to the do nothing bills.

The complete text of Rep. Krayton Kerns bill HB 228 can be found at

It also specifies that the presumption of iinnocence is in effect in Montana. Police and prosecutors always prefer if you have to prove your innocence, but our rights are best protected by the traditional view, that you do have the presumption of innocence.

The bill also establishes that you can carry a gun concealed by an article of clothing (the definition of "concealed") inside city limits in Montana, without a concealed carry permit. You already can do this in the big part of Montana that is outside of city limits. You can also currently carry a gun that is inside a purse or pack or briefcase (that is, not covered by an article of clothing) inside city limits without a permit, legally.

Some people dislike the idea of putting their name on a list of gun owners. That could potentially be unhealthy. (But some prefer to get the concealed carry license because a lot of other states have reciprocity agreements with Montana and they honor each other's permits. This is a good thing if you are travelling on the highways. A permit also makes it easier to purchase firearms. )

This is an important bill worthy of your active support. " Think about how much more tragic this recent incident could have been had there not been that one person with a consealed permit in the building and had their gun on their person! Most Montanans think this is already law here but it isn't....

Call and/or write your local legislators and ask them to support HB 228

To further discuss I saw this forum posted~

If passed, the bill would, among other things: = allow people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit;

= greatly strengthen self-defense protections in the state;

= allow people to display their gun to deter an attack;

= allow people to use a gun whenever at risk of physical harm;

= and, in shooting incidents in which the person who fired the gun claimed self defense, require the state to prove that it was not.

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