Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Signs Of Things To Come ...

This Was Dows Worse Day Ever ....

This Was Americas Worse Day Ever!!!

Stocks plummet on banking fears; Dow's worst Inaugural Day ever

I came across the perfect plan....SHUT DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE! It is infested with rats that is what would be done in any other building that was in need of an exterminator correct? That would be very humanitarian.

Something not setting right with me is his preachers words at the end...."When brown can stick around, yella can be mella and white can do right the world will be better"! TALK about slamming a wedge in racism!! The ONLY thing black about obama is his heart and he was nodding his head yes all the while the preacher was saying all this BS!! Give him 24 hours some tell me whatever comes to mind.

I have 2 best friends in CO both went from their jobs are secure to being given 3 weeks...that was just a few days ago this happend, to one of those guys ended up with 2 days of work left down from that 3 weeks status! They are now down to no income!!!!!!!! WHY MR MAJESTY IS WHY so you want me to give this asshole congrads and a chance....YEAH NOT comes to mind this man doesn't have a chance in hell. I have people ask me how is Obama to blame is just becoming has been the writing on the wall and things he has said that employers and those that can and do read between the lines to prep for this time of what he wants to do. That is how I blame Obama and I see nothing but bad coming from this.

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