Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stopping the trials

Obama makes a more dramatic move on Guantanamo Bay than simply ordering it closed, calling an immediate halt to trials there.

Obama suspends Gitmo trials

Washington Post: With one of his first actions in office, Obama asked the military to suspend prosecutions of suspected terrorist held at

Guantanamo Bay for 120 days. The motion filed to military prosecutors requested they hold off until “the newly inaugurated president and his administration [can] review the military commissions process, generally, and the cases currently pending before military commissions, specifically.”

The move is seen as a the detention facility.

The context, per Mike Allen:

The president has long planned to make today a HEAVY NEWS DAY, with executive orders, “next steps” session with his war council, including General Petraeus, and a “what now?” meeting with financial advisers. We’re told Obama will put a dramatic stamp over the government over the next WEEK to 10 DAYS, with plans for a series of executive actions and orders.

I can only see that the negatives of this move will far outweigh the positives. Why doesn't O simply pardon all captured terrorists? After all this is what he and his DemocRat buddies want to do isn't it?? Will be our luck he will release them in the United States then my thoughts on that is they are fair game! Pun intended for you avid wild game hunters;0) But then we will be the ones in the matter they killed all those on 9-11. Well the terrorists are very happy today I suppose, so I guess he's done something right for somebody.

OR maybe this is a move by Obama to buy time to wiggle out of his campaign promise to close Gitmo. There is no way to close Gitmo. Obama's campaign lies are coming back to bite him in the ass...ALREADY.

He is stopping trials because he obviously hasn't figured out where to put the murderous thugs being held in Gitmo which he would had he ordered it closed. Nice try, Mr. Allen; next time try to think instead of simply shilling for the administration.

NOW MY THOUGHTS are we need to go back to the days of hanging! Your read that right we wouldn't have half the issues we have now in America if we did that!!!!! I suppose if there is any question then jail, but if there is no doubt and it has been admitted then why are we WASTING tax dollars to keep scum alive?? I know of one MAJOR ASS scum wasting our money in Rawlins WY....I won't go into detail of this monster, but I wish looking back I didn't stop my husband from killing his ass at least if my husband had gone to jail it would have been for a good cause. But men like this scum in Rawlins and those that killed during 9-11 have no business living and hanging would be more appropriate punishment.

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