Thursday, January 22, 2009

And so it begins......

Here we go.

FIRST OFF BEFORE I GET INTO THE REST......He has signed the RIGHT TO CHOOSE ACT!!! do you know what this means...fortunately I feel I have a great relationship with my daughters and they will come to me should it Goddess forbid ever be of concern...but this is an act now that your daughter can get pregnant and doesn't have to tell you she if she wants to have an abortion she can do it and there is nothing you can do about it!! OVER MY DEAD BODY comes to mind. Now sadly this is already in effect in MT!! I wasn't too happy moving here last year and learning of that law, but now it is nation wide....make sure you have a good relationship with your daughters and that they KNOW ALL their options should she find herself in this predicament.

ok now onto the rest I found......

The new president has posted his agenda on the offical Whitehouse website. I spent an hour looking at his posted agenda and it scares the hell out of me.

Now is the time to get involved! Join the NRA today or another organization that supports our second ammendment. Tomorrow may be too late. I highlighted in red what really concerns me about his urban policy. Scroll down to Crime and Law Enforcement

Crime and Law Enforcement

  • Support Local Law Enforcement: President Obama and Vice President Biden are committed to fully funding the COPS program to put 50,000 police officers on the street and help address police brutality and accountability issues in local communities. Obama and Biden also support efforts to encourage young people to enter the law enforcement profession, so that our local police departments are not understaffed because of a dearth of qualified applicants.
  • Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Supports: America is facing an incarceration and post-incarceration crisis in urban communities. Obama and Biden will create a prison-to-work incentive program, modeled on the successful Welfare-to-Work Partnership, and work to reform correctional systems to break down barriers for ex-offenders to find employment.
  • End the Dangerous Cycle of Youth Violence: Obama and Biden support innovative local programs, like the CeaseFire program in Chicago, which implement a community-based strategy to prevent youth violence and have been proven effective.
  • Address Gun Violence in Cities: Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.

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