Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Podesta: 'Let the man keep his Blackberry'

LA TIMES reports...The Transition chief says Obama will keep his Blackberry, and that email and the Web will keep him better attuned to the mood of the country:

'Let the man have his BlackBerry."

I said that to a meeting of senior transition staffers in Washington last week. I've been working with Barack Obama since before the election, and I know that without his virtual connection to old friends and trusted confidants beyond the bubble that seals off every president from the people who elected him, he'd be like a caged lion padding restlessly around the West Wing, wondering what's happening on the other side of the iron bars that surround the People's House.

Today, thousands of reporters, pundits and bloggers will produce instant analyses of the president's swearing-in. By dawn Wednesday, there will be a comprehensive document in President Obama's in-box summarizing the reaction, highlighting key opinion makers and linking to original sources across the Internet. Obama will surely flip through them.

But I know that he will have gotten his first feedback hours earlier, from a friend, far beyond the Beltway. On the Blackberry he's keeping. And knowing that gives me hope.

Glad to see he has his OWN interests at heart and not the security of OUR country... Though I suppose trying to be an optimist ...on the flip side is that anything he does on his blackberry can be subpoenaed in a court of law or ummm... posted on a blogger?s website;0)

I am sorry I soooo LOATHE this man!! I am telling you he only cares about himself and not this country. He is going to (or already has) allow this "power" go to his head! We are looking at a new Hitler era sorry that is how I feel. I didn't watch the Inauguration....though I hear he missed 7 words....I am sorry you are going for the top office and you have had time to prep don't you think you should have the inauguration memorized??? I honestly for the first time didn't watch the inauguration felt like my tv was broken yesterday it was on nearly every channel the Planet of the Apes was on and it kept repeating the scene of they were taking over the White House!

OH another thing he says he is the first black president....LIAR!! Not suprising if you look at his track record, but I suppose what else do we expect from a politician. He is NOT fully black he is milato maybe- but NOT black so you want to say this was a historic event then get it right!

One last thought....When Jimmy Carter took office John Wayne made a statement to him "I am the opposition I oppose you on almost every statement you have made, but I am the LOYAL opposition. :meaning loyality of the united states: this is pretty much how I feel at this time and I know I am not alone out here in that feeling.
There are a lot of things John Wayne has said that ring true this is why he is great...he was a TRUE American! I would have voted for him any day for president!

Some though they feel like I do say they will support and give him a chance...Sorry but why?? He hasn't given a reason to give him a chance and until he does he has no respect from me, he doesn't have a chance in my world! I have already read something that disturbs me that is about to be another blog of the day!

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