Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gun Control

Ok I have to blog this because you know I have kids and since birth what you may not know is they are use to seeing guns laying around.  When babies and much younger never was it loaded and even now it really isn't loaded if out, but more of a reminder it is in the house.  Even if we didn't have guns in our home our kids would have beent taught about them in the event the encountered them elsewhere.  

We had reason for this...what do kids go after??...things they are told they can't have or is forbidden up out of reach.  After having 3 kids the one thing I learned was never under estimate them if something is high they will figure a way to get to it...especially my middle child.  Instead of hiding guns from them how about teaching them.  OMG what a concept!  A parent has to be responsible? WHAT is this world coming to?  

If we are not going to take the time to teach them how to properly use these tools as that is what a gun is...a tool.  Then yes they will be harmed. They could get hurt with a knife or an axe.  A gun is just a tool...if you don't teach a child how to use it you and others will be harmed.  We chose to teach our children how to use these tools.  They have rules set by us as their PARENTS and consequences were laid in place if they went against our rules.  If you can't teach your child responsibility how are you going to teach them anything.  This is the most basic rule out there.  I don't care if it is a fork, manners, respect, axe, gun, knife etc teach responsibility you can't teach that by taking away....sorry just doesn't work that way.  Life is full of dangerous and hazerdous situations. What are you going to do keep your child in a bubble? I would love to protect them...and the only way to do this is to spend time and teach them- not lock them away from everything.  

simple example that most should be able to understand: I could walk out in the street not knowing that I should look first and get hurt...but because I was taught to look I know to do this so that I don't get hurt.  

I homeschool and CHOOSE to spend time and teach them.  All these laws and regulations is telling me that only the government can teach and take care of them is bullshit!  I don't need or want the government controlling my every aspect of life.  

What do you think that our forefathers and pioneers did with their guns? they didn't have gun locks and they would have looked at you like you were crazy. It all comes down to education by parents. That is what is wrong with kids today. Parents don't live up to their responsibilities as parents.  Teach the children about guns what they are to be used for give them respect for them as weapons not toys. kids in the old days knew how to use them by the time they were nine and younger.. look it up there are historical references to children helping to defend their homes against indian attack.  It comes down to parenting, parenting, OH and parenting. 

Unlike Hilary maybe it took a village to raise her kid, maybe she didn't have time I don't know don't care...but I don't need her help or the rest of a community to help raise mine.  I will listen to advice out there ...use what sounds good toss the rest.

I am an AMERICAN......without our 2nd ammendment right we have no first.  My husband and I have chosen to live in MT because of their agreement with the United States.  Aside from all its' beauty to the naked eye Montana has decided to live responsibly.  this state has enough resources to whether the storm lord god Obama.  I will NOT become a socialist just because he deems it is the right thing.  Maybe it is for him.  Obviously Yugo Shavez has a place for him in his country...fine go there.  As for the rest of his crew go with him this was nation was built on independent issues for a cause this can happen again.  Remember in the revolutionary war freedom was won by the blood of the common man not elitist self righteous $%@**$& so go ahead and put HR45 into play.  I have no problem fighting this to the end.

Maybe before you start debating 'gun ownership in homes', you need to address a MUCH GREATER Problem: the neglect, malnutrition, and abuses of children from alcohol AND drugs, prescription and illegal, in homes!  

Just because some parents are irresponsible don't punish me. 

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