Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea Party April 15, 2009 BE THERE! is the blog to check out for more details and to find a location near you. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER ON THIS!!!!

Here's for Montana so far as of today:

GroverPeterson(406) 245-4608BillingsMT
CharlesMyers(406) 697-9138BillingsMT .57-9.14BozemanMT Visit Organizer Website
JamesMcKoy(406) 961-1691CorvallisMT
DavidRowell(406) 431-0876GarrisonMT Visit Organizer Website
BetseyHedrick(406) 377-1728GlendiveMT
JamesWalker(406) 444-8512HelenaMT
RogerGiese(140) 662-8497LaurelMT MissoulaMT Visit Organizer Website
WilmaCook(406) 323-3470RoundupMT
CathyKulonis(406) 777-1618StevensvilleMT
VernonWeiss(406) 239-8650StevensvilleMT
LilyaMcAlister(406) 207-7630StevensvilleMT Visit Organizer Website

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