Saturday, March 7, 2009

Political News you should be aware of

Yet another bad idea finds its way into the administration’s budget.

 the first few months? (sad answer is yes)
by Laurie Roth

The gifts of the first few months. Obama has moved to nationalize banks and health care. He and his administration play word games with us by calling it partnerships instead of national takeovers. They can call it Pee Wee Herman’s financial playhouse for all I care. It’s still socialism and nationalism! Then there is the total betrayal of manipulating health care criteria and payments!.......

Obama starts push for health care overhaul
The president summoned allies, skeptics and health care figures of all stripes to the White House Thursday to debate ideas for overhauling the nation's costly system health system.

Oh and hey if believe in Obamacare I have some ocean front property in Montana for sale.

what the hell is this  I heard about this just today and was said to be pencil whipped this upcoming week... only in researching I see it was done SIX days after he took office! I suppose the only thing I can say is you asked for "change" and well you are going to get it!!  I have read it to be on snopes as false, but hearing it on the news radio channel too....yeah snopes I think you better go research more however in thinking about this maybe it wasn't put thru yet but is about to be this next week??Angry

Posted by Kim Priestap
Published: February 7, 2009 - 3:01 PM
President Barack Obama has signed an executive order presidential determination allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to resettle in the United States. Sure, what can go wrong when we allow hundreds of thousands of people who have been, as Mark Steyn memorably described, "marinated" in a "sick death cult," who voted for Hamas, and 55% of whom support suicide bombings live here and at the American taxpayers' expense:

By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in migration assistance to the Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.
The "presidential determination" which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States was signed on January 27 and appeared in the Federal Register on February 4.

President Obama's decision, according to the Register, was necessitated by "the urgent refugee and migration needs" of the "victims."

Few on Capitol Hill took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.

SO Let's review some of Barack Obama's most recent actions since he was inaugurated a little AND these are just the tip of the iceburg so what is it going to take to wake up AMERICA to fight for THEIR rights:

His first call to any head of state as president was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah party in the Palestinian territory.

His first one on one interview with any news organization was with Al Arabia television.

He ordered Guantanamo Bay closed and all military trials of detainees halted.

He ordered all overseas CIA interrogation centers closed.

He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and 9/11.

Today we learn that he is allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refuges to move to and live in the US at American taxpayer expense.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Update: Here's the link to the "presidential determination" and the portion that is important:

t is important to the national interest to furnish assistance under the Act in an amount not to exceed $20.3 million from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.
And what does the US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State do?

The State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) provides aid and sustainable solutions for refugees, victims of conflict and stateless people around the world, through repatriation, local integration, and resettlement in the United States. 

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