Thursday, March 19, 2009

Costs of Care to Wounded Veterans

This is the crap that is pissing me off. I really do try to curtail the swearing but this man everyone is soooo gaga over brings my not so nice side out. I can't stand that MY blog about MY life, RVing, Homeschooling, kids, family stuff is at times what feels like is taken over at times with political headlines; no I suppose I don't have to put information on here, but I also feel people need to be informed so I do blog it on here. So maybe I shouldn't b*tch since I choose to put it on here. My father was a Vietnam Vet and his father WWII Vet and I feel WE need to push this issue of proper Medical Care for our Veterans! They are over there to save our country, to help keep us free from terrorist (oh I am sorry guess that is no longer acceptable word...ha get over it I am NOT PC) and we want to charge them outrageous costs for keep our butts free...I agree with a statement I saw "This idiot is going to exeed the stupidy of Carter in a very short time." He needs to go back to Chicago as they are missing their Slug head idiot leader.

OK so heres my thoughts it is TIME for a NEW era of the Boston TEA PARTY!! Are you game and willing to join or are you still too much of an Obamatron???

In the midst of these tough economic times, President Obama has found a unique source of revenue: wounded veterans.
The president has proposed a plan that will force veterans to pay for their own treatment of injuries and disabilities resulting from military service to help fund his massive expansion of government spending. Under the plan, the Department of Veterans Affairs would generate revenue by billing veterans' private health insurance providers.
We have a moral obligation to care for those who have been harmed while serving to protect us; not exploit them for cash.

Petition to President Obama on Care for Wounded Veterans


Tony Perkins

I am slacking in bringing you up to date political news as I get them, because I am not following on top of it right now. Was getting me way depressed and I couldn't handle anymore. I have read since this information that the Veterans put up such a stink that he has dropped it from the table for now. But the fact he even thought about it really concerns me of the what nexts. Anyhow I still feel it is worth sending on to help keep on top of things. Do what you wish with the information.

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