Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama takes over the auto industry

I have read a couple of blogs.... the news etc and really disturbs me that this man can just oust someone in a private firm. He had been with the company over 30 yrs so what did they offer him for him to say "oh ok here you go". You do know now GM is doomed by this government take over right???

Lets take a minute and ponder a few recent events:

First, Obama fired GM's senior executive: "Rick Wagoner is stepping aside as Chairman and CEO... it will take a new vision and new direction to create the GM of the future."

Next, Obama created government-backed warranties for all GM cars: "...if you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always. Your warranty will be safe... In fact, it will be safer than it's ever been. Because starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warranty."

And Obama will decide what kind of cars GM will build: "...several members of Congress have proposed an even more ambitious incentive program to increase car sales... [such a program would] provide a generous credit to consumers who turn in old, less fuel efficient cars and purchase cleaner cars have been successful in boosting auto sales in a number of European countries." Look at history people seriously GM is going to die...good thing we drive Ford!

But he claims the U.S. government won't be running GM: "Let me be clear: the United States government has no interest or intention of running GM."

Now that's change... we can believe in a 2 faced lying politician that shouldn't be in the white house in the first place!

We must get this message out and declare political war on Obama and his crude, rude, hostile, anti-Traditional Values America at a very early date. His ratings are dropping anyhow so how many of you that voted for him now regretting it is willing to come to our side...we have cookies:0) I will even bake them for ya!

2010 is coming up ... let's start scoring some big victories!

Oh and you know what this really means for FORD it now stands for: First On Revolution Day! Lets keep Ford independent They don't need Obama's money, They shouldn't want Obama's money and GM takeover is a good example as to why!

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