Friday, March 27, 2009

A Look at Nobama's Stimulus Plan

Webeliahu of Noachism HQ wrote this, it is good reading for everyone.

To Everyone,

Let's look into Obama's stimulus plan for a moment. Let's try to bring it home. Suppose you, as a parent, make a rather bad decision to buy your deadbeat son a $300,000 house to live in, and you pay cash because,'ve got the money. You still own the house, similar to the banks owning the mortgage.

The son wastes his time at home smoking dope and inviting friends for drunken orgies. Eventually the house runs down, the windows are broken, the yards, front and back, are overgrown and a mess. Suppose now that the entire neighborhood is made up of deadbeat kids living in homes purchased for them by their parents.

The neighborhood has become worthless. It is now run down and crime infested. The parents couldn't sell those houses now for even 10 cents on the dollar they invested. Those homes are the "IN JARGON," toxic assets.

Not to fear, President Obama to the rescue. Obama is going to buy up all those toxic assets, kick out the hoodlums, and try to rehabilitate the neighborhood. Obama gives each dad his $300,000 back, and takes over the properties.

DAD, Obama expects something of you however. He gave you back your $300,000 on the idea that you will now have cash to spend to spur the economy. What Obama expects you to do, as a good citizen, is buy your deadbeat son another house to live in.

Are you going to do it, or did you learn an important lesson.

Obama is spending trillions of dollars to buy up toxic assets, with the idea that this will free up the banks to loan more money. Will they, or have they learned an important lesson about responsible lending practices?

In my opinion, the banks aren't going to lend a dime of that taxpayer trillion(s) dollar windfall, unless the government is going to indemnify their investors against loss.

Those trillions of dollars Obama spent are financed by government instruments. Obama probably never expects those debts to be repaid, but the interest on financing those debts will have to come from somewhere, and interest rates are not going to stay low for long. WHERE will that money keep flowing in from?

Hey dad, are you listening. You have been sold out. Your children have been sold out. What you now have to look forward to, for you, and moreso your offspring, is inflation, taxes, crime, Godlessness, slavery to the debt, and marshall law.

Are you ready? Tell me you didn't really vote for that man.

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