Friday, October 24, 2008


Obama can NOT be President.

He is NOT a natural born citizen?!?

Obama can NOT be President. He is NOT a natural born citizen?!? Have you heard? If not, I wish to inform you. Read and tell me your thoughts.....

This news seems to be extremely significant, yet I do not hear about it on any news show.... and of course, not on any network news program.

WAKE UP MONTANA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.... Obama is not a naturalized citizen. Thus he can not be President. Do you NOT get this?? Is this truly the change Obama speaks of?? Because the only other change he is going to bring is taking us socialist.

A site this article for reference to begin:

Above, is an article discussing a Democrat by the name of Phillip J. Berg (crazy as he may be), a Pennsylvania Democrat. He alleges that Barrack Obama is NOT a natural born citizen. I must admit he has quite the argument. All of which could be i nvalidated if Obama would show an actual birth certificate. Which this mornings news proves he can't! HIS OWN MOTHERS WORDS say he was born in Kenya, that yes he has a certificate of live birth from Hawaii but NOT A BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the state seal!!!

I had heard that since Obama's mom was a citizen, th at Obama was automatically a citizen. After reading some of the laws during the time, I realized this is not true. For those of you who are incredulous. Look up the laws from the time. You will find the same thing. Anyhow, the mentions that if one parent is a citizen and the other is not, as in Obama's case, then the citizen parent must have been a citizen for 10 years, five of those years being when the person is above the age of 14.

Obama's mom had him at 18, not satisfying the age requirements.

This could be quite the scandal. I have not heard or seen it reported on the TV, only on the internet and radio. I thought I would spread the information around a little myself.

Election day is looming. THIS IS CRITICAL INFORM ATION!!!!!!

Not only that, no one can complain that this is nit-picking. NO WAY-NO HOW. This is a very important issue!! This here is legitimate news. DO THE HOMEWORK YOUR DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS did NOT DO!!

Lets just say should NOBAMA get in as president Montana best excersize its right to secede from the nation because this will be one family NOT abiding by any so called laws he illegally puts into practice. SHOULD he get in still this means ANY body from ANY country can walk in and say oh I want to be president! And you know we won't be able to say a damn thing about it because we let Obama in KNOWING PRIOR TO VO TING that he isn't a natural born US citizen.

So now I am curious what this does to the election....does this make McCain president by default? Or will the election go on without a democrat to choose from?

Here is another story from Washington times.

Here are two of 13 FEDERAL cases agaisnt Barrack Hussian Obama.

Soooooo my thoughts.....Take your brainwashing ads off the air!!!

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