Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saudi Manipulation????

Please read and pass on. This is the real neutron bomb to blast Obama.

George Soros is Obamas main supporter who pledged billions if need be. Read Please. And pass it on.

In 1994 some of you will remember the Prince Whalid Al Talal bought into a chain of luxery hotels in America. This same Prince tried to get control of our ports on the Eastern seaboard. But the most interesting thing is there control over our OIL. Since the tremendous rise in oil prices the banking crisis occured. That crisis slowed the althernative energy businesses from growing. This is the second time. Was this deliberate.

What else has the Prince bought in America?

The media.

He owns a hotel in London and five percent of Fox News.

This article was published in an online EZine.

Would you have liked to have bought this Aspen home? The Prince sold it for the paultry sum of 130 million.

Prince Bandar bought George V in Paris, the famous hotel.

Citigroup negotiates bailout by Saudi prince, Chinese bank

George Soros Works with Saudis to suppress prejudice by law enforcement against Islamics. This would keep law enforcement from investigating mosque who we know sent money to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

George Soros approves of 700 billion dollar bailout. Were these three finaciers consulted?

In May of 2008 Soros predicted a deep depression for US and UK. What did he know that we didn't?

I saved the Best for Last

AIM Report: George Soros Tries to Buy Congress - Oct 8

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