Monday, October 6, 2008

Replace Obama NOW!!!!

I received this from a Forum buddy Howard. I am sorry for all of you that read that are HARDCORE Obama but he is NOT right for America!! I am not saying McCain is either but Obama is the WORST thing you can do by voting for him. At this stage I would rather vote for Hillary than him and I can't stand her either. The democratic party really need to watch who they are nominating.

Human Events

Let's tell the TRUTH about Obama

Dear Conservative Friend,

They say the truth hurts. In Barack Obama's case, it is simply devastating.

Not surprisingly the Big Media have kept the American public blind to the truth about Obama, including...

  • The fact that a corrupt Chicago Machine politician "made a U.S. senator" out of Barack Obama
  • How Barack Obama won his first election by having his lawyers knock all his opponents off the ballot on technicalities
  • Obama's support for a grotesque "infanticide" law that was too extreme even for Nancy Pelosi
  • The Tony Rezko connection: "I've never done any favors for him," says Obama about convicted developer Tony Rezko. Oh, but he has...

We at HUMAN EVENTS are set to embark on a massive truth-telling mission to unmask the real Barack Obama. And just like in 2004 when concerned Americans exploded John Kerry's presidential aspirations by helping the Swift Boat Veterans get out the truth about him. . .

We're going to stop the Obama campaign juggernaut dead in its tracks!

Just wait until Americans read the special editorial supplement produced (together with our sister company, by our HUMAN EVENTS team called "The Truth about Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know".

You see, while the Obama campaign is dying to keep the skeletons in Obama's closet hidden for just three more months, we plan to tell the truth to the American public before November.

Sadly, money talks when it comes to reporting the truth today. And we at HUMAN EVENTS have barely enough to stay afloat in today's difficult economy -- a situation I'm sure you can appreciate.

In addition, HUMAN EVENTS just bore the cost of including this special supplement into the 5,000 issues of HUMAN EVENTS we distributed at the Republican National Convention.

With the money we do have left, we vow to expose the dangerous liberalism of Barack Obama in the pages of HUMAN EVENTS every week and on our website every day.

But we need your help, my friend, to cover the costs of printing and delivering boxes of our special editorial supplement, "The Truth about Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know" to activist conservative students on college campuses and to selected media outlets across the country.

Why college campuses and media outlets? Simple...

Young voters -- including our own children and grandchildren -- are today being indoctrinated by biased liberal "educators" who distort the truth about terrorism, the reason for the energy crisis, spending, education and Barack Obama.

Our friends at key conservative organizations are providing us with the names and addresses of the conservative student leaders who are fighting on the front lines this election year.

By sending "The Truth about Obama" to conservative student leaders at every college campus in America, we're arming young conservatives with the facts about Barack Obama that they need to know.

And just as it's our responsibility to ensure that America's young voters know the straight facts about Obama, so too with the American public.

That's why we're sending "The Truth about Obama" to major media outlets across the country. Because we simply cannot let the Big Media from New York, Washington, Los Angeles and other large cities continue to have their way, covering up the truth about Obama, the man who repeatedly promises "change" but will give us the same old liberal policies that have failed for 40+ years.

As our loyal friend, you know that HUMAN EVENTS has been the stalwart defender of conservative principles and traditional values since 1944 -- longer than any other newsweekly.

Help us spread the conservative message even further by making it possible for us to deliver the report to every college campus and every media outlet in America as soon as possible.

Your contribution to this campaign will allow us to deliver boxes of "The Truth about Obama" to conservative student leaders on college campuses and to the opinion leaders at major media outlets. Just imagine the impact if we could afford to deliver one box to every campus and media outlet in America!

To express our gratitude for your donation of just $50 or more, we'll send you a complimentary copy of David Fredosso's brand-new New York Times bestseller, The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate. Freddoso's comprehensive book serves to remove, once and for all, the halo from a man with fewer qualifications, and a more radical agenda, than the mainstream media lets on.

Of course, we'll send you a copy of our special report, "The Truth about Obama: What Every Citizen Needs to Know", to thank you for your contribution big or small. Any amount will be appreciated and will help "The Truth about Obama" reach more fact-hungry Americans.

These are critical times for our country. We must not allow the Big Media and liberal college campuses to succeed in placing one of the most liberal and inexperienced candidates ever in the White House.

Donate now so we can broadcast "The Truth About Obama" to the American public

Best Regards,

Tom Winter
President and Editor in Chief, HUMAN EVENTS

P.S. Just like the "Swift-Boat" exposure of John Kerry in 2004, "The Truth about Obama" could end this Democrat's presidential campaign once and for all. We need your help to tell the public the truth, especially to young Americans. Please make as generous a contribution as you can today.

Give $50 or more and we'll send you the brand-new book, The Case Against Barack Obama, as our gift to you.

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