Thursday, October 23, 2008

OMG Sarah Palin pays for her OWN clothes

in full, in cash, her own money...OMG WHAT IS AMERICA COMING TOO. A middle class hard working mother of 5 kids with a grandchild on the way pays for her own clothes??????? NO!!!! WHAT??? And if we say that Obama's a socialist, it means we are "racist."

Are you seriously kidding me you can't find true skeletons in her closet so you are going to pick on her wardrobe because she doesn't spend $6000 on a pantsuit like Hitlary Clinton R U Seriously kidding me???? What happened to Obama's comment of "spread the wealth".

Well IF $150,000 was spent I guess she was "spreading the wealth", helping the economy and plans to donate after the election is over to help others so I see it as a win win situation. She was being plagued as looking like the every day American with nothing "fancy" in her closet to wear so now you are going to bitch that she is spending too much on clothes....whatever get over yourselves. I wonder how much Michelle Obama spends on ONE outfit a lady who has exquisite but expensive tastes and gives little to charity.

IF this amount that is being claimed was spent on Sarah it was a steal because she looks like a million bucks in my mind. I thought she looked fine before, but since appearance is everything I see the "makeover" they felt necessary. The Democrats really seem to hate her because she can connect with every day Americans.

Personally I like stupid stories like this that hits the news gives me something to blog about and forget about issues in my own life. This is the type of story that runs for a day or two, nothing more. Those that plan to vote for them is this going to make you not vote for McCain/Palin because of because of what she may or may not have spent on clothes.... I think not. I have heard and read differing reports that state she helped pay for, or in full or the campaign paid for but she planned to donate because she is your everyday dressing person. Whatever the story may be whatever get over it and move on.

Does this blog mean I am voting for McCain...not at all, but from what I have read I do like Palin. SHOULD I vote this direction it is in favor of Sarah NOT McCain. I can't stand NOBAMA with every inch of my being and as much as I can't stand Hitlary I would rather her than NOBAMA and NO it has nothing to do with color considering especially since he isn't truly black and from reports is highly likely not even American which means he shouldn't be running for president!! Actually is against the law to run if not FULLY American.

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