Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sorry....More Politics....just that time of year I suppose

I guess if you look thru my blog you will find it no surprise I am a NOBAMA MAMA! If you will notice I also say I don't much care for McCain either but with every fiber of my being Obama just feels very bad for America's leader. Maybe I am wrong and only time shall tell this is just my gut feeling right now. I hope if he is elected he proves me wrong, if not you can't say I didn't try to put the word out there in how I feel.

I am a Libertarian with Republican leanings.
For those that don't know: The Libertarian Party's platform stresses the importance of individual liberty and responsibility. The party advocates for a much smaller role for the federal government and opposes "the cult of the omnipotent state" in its platform.

The party just clicks with me. I don't feel our laws should eliminate our rights. We should have our freedom WITHOUT government in every inch of it telling us what to do. Our Constitution shouldn't treat people differently. Where is personal responsibility....something we seem to be lacking in teaching our children. So I am not going to focus on how much I feel Obama is bad for us any longer what good will it do...it is only expending excess negative energy we don't need at this time, but help educate you on a fast growing 3rd party .........the Libertarians.

Libertarianism.com~Another way of saying this is that libertarians believe you should be free to do as you choose with your own life and property, as long as you don't harm the person and property of others.

Libertarianism is thus the combination of liberty (the freedom to live your life in any peaceful way you choose), responsibility (the prohibition against the use of force against others, except in defense), and tolerance (honoring and respecting the peaceful choices of others). So me being Pagan ...as I am... part of the wiccan rede: "An Harm none do as ye will". You can see why the Libertarian agrees and clicks with my every being. I am not saying all Pagans, Druids, Wiccans etc agree or share my thoughts, but we all have our own paths we must fulfill in this lifetime. For me at this stage in my life Libertarianism feels right and hopefully in the future we will be acknowleged more. the party has come a long way and thru many faults in our current system maybe we will start to be recognized in the future.

Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party Logo
Party Chairman Bill Redpath
Founded December 11, 1971
Headquarters 2600 Virginia Avenue NW, Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20037
Political ideology Libertarianism
Political position Fiscal: Laissez-faire
Social: Libertarian
International affiliation None
Seats in the Senate
Seats in the House of Representatives
Color(s) yellow or gold
Website Libertarian Party

Did you know Ron Paul for all intense purposes is Libertarian....you may not even know he exsisted because the media shut him up
during the initial phases of this election...why?? because he made sense!!! Personally I think he and Palin would make a kick ass team. If they would allow Palin to be WHO SHE IS and WHAT she is we might have been given the chance to know the real Sarah Palin that her record is so highly spoken for. Once again the Media has slighted this and made her look like nothing but a dress up doll.

Farmers For Ron Paul
Ron Paul: 'Monetary system is fraudulent'

There are a lot of Ron Paul supporters out there! He seems to be the real ....whats that word...Oh yeah the word of the year...."CHANGE" that America needs. Really it isn't change but taking America BACK to its roots! There is a huge movement of Americans who are sick and tired of the "status quo".

Bottom line of everything is this 2 party system simply isn't working... I feel McCain is bad, but feel Obama is worse so this election once again instead of being able to vote for who we really want we are having to choose between two evils! I know many that plan to still write in Hilary or Ron, but by doing so sadly may give Obama that edge he needs against McCain whom of the two forefront I feel is the lesser of the evils. I am not sure I have totally figured out my vote, but I know for sure Obama isn't getting it. I want to believe there is enough support out there for Ron Paul and if we all voted where our heart told us he could suprisingly be our new president come next Tuesday, sadly I know it is only a wishful thought. Granted with enough together that thought could be brought into fruition, but I don't expect it this time around.

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