Sunday, November 9, 2008

Buyers Remorse has begun

A friend just sent this to me from a site she frequents this is a message someone posted. very disapointing huh.... I wondered how long it would be before people would have buyers remorse, I did not think they would admit so soon however. I thought it would be late 2009 before seeing that. You know I dont think people really know what they have done to this country..
Dogmatic wrote:
I was there at the Obama rally in Grant Park on election night. I had a ticket. What I saw there shocked me. The people who want us to drive electric cars littered all over the place. They made a mess of the park. There was no sense of patriotism. No one put their hand over their hearts for the pledge of allegiance or took their hats off... they made fun of the national anthem, the ministers prayer... the red states... rude statements about Sarah Palin... there were almost half a dozen near fistfights by me when people bumped into each other. All of the racist comments irritated me. There was no unity or sense of country. They just wanted to hear the messiah speak.
He took the stage alone. I've never seen a politician take the stage alone on election night. It was odd. He looked SCARED. He really did look scared. As if he didn't figure on winning but now wondered what in the heck he would do. He did not look presidential. He appeared weak.
For such an historic moment the applause was low, Obama never even had to pause for cheering or applause or adoration...the energy level was low... there was no celebration... no fireworks... no balloon drop or confetti. His speech was not at all inspiring. People left kind of quietly. It was a letdown after all of the build up.
I saw a very diverse group of people with their love for Barack being the one thing to unite them. Now the gays in California blame the blacks for the defeat of Prop. 8. It seems the coalition is in danger of disintigrating. Will the union guys be next? My union really pushed us on Obama even though the rank and file was pretty split.
I supported him from day one... that's how I got a ticket to the rally. Now I think I made the wrong choice in voting for him. I think the media over hyped him and he'll never live up to the expectations and he knows it. I thought I would be 'sold' at the rally... walk away believing.
When he had his press conference my doubts turned into regret. What was up with that tacky sign "office of the President-Elect." Why did the reporters stand when he entered the room? Because they have been in bed with him from the beginning?
Barack Obama is like those holograms they used on CNN election night... he is a creation of the media. Even he knows it. And maybe he is afraid everyone else is going to find out.
I fear for this nation. What have we done. Who have we chosen to lead us in these troubled times? Have we elected an illusion, a hologram for president? Obamanomics scares the heck out of me.

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