Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A sad American got little sleep last night

From a fellow myspacer and friend's blog:
politics and where to place blame

well its been a big night .tonight we as americans elected our first black president. and several texts and conversations i have had with friends and family have made me think about a couple i am writing this to hopefully try to set a couple things strait and i know that not all will agree with me.but you don't have to agree with me that's the great thing about freedom of speech...

i have heard all night that people will be losing there jobs because of the Obama tax plan.and that business's will go out of business and that unemployment will go to a all time high.i respectfully disagree over the last 4 months i have watched friends and family get laid off and fired and get their hours cut all because of the economy my husband and myself included. i have watched business's go out of business as a result.

ALL of this has happened under the Bush administration!!!!!

over the last 8 years unemployment has risen, gas and oil prices have risen...the heath care system is horrible.i have a friend that had to claim bankruptcy because medicaid based her income on the month that she worked instead of the month she spent in the hospital..and don't even get me started on the war in Iraq. I'm not saying that we should not have gone over there just that it could have been handled a hell of a lot better and less messy. and that's all ill say on that.

in fact the only good thing that i can say that Bush did in his 8 years of fucking up the country is to ban partial birth abortion.

so can everyone stop blaming the new president elect for things that are happening now. because 24 hours ago Obama prolly didn't think he would get elected. i think that we should all take a moment and take pride that the American people have made history tonight by electing the 1st black president its something that i honestly never thought would happen in my life time...and I'm only 24..

so now i have said my peace...

My response with a few choice in words of how to word certain things from another great and knowledgeable online friend:

Freedom of Speech? while I still have it I will chime in my thoughts respectively of course.

Just because he was able to bully and use the coalition of Blacks (Racist), Communist, Radical Friends, Muslims, Hate Traditional Values Americans, Liberals and Democratic Congress does not give him a license to "Own America".

BO is nothing more than a paper pusher supported by all of the above; he does not now nor ever have my respect or will ever be considered my president. I only wonder how long before America has Buyers Remorse!! For the first time ever my children will not be told to respect a leader. I didn't like Clinton, but respected him. I have never felt about any one person as I do about BO.

McCain did not speak for me when he "Surrendered" to BO on Tuesday evening. I ONLY voted McCain to give that one more vote against Obama. My values are very much that of Ron Paul.

The Booosss he received from his audience were well earned and deserved. Congrads to McCain on his loss. I realize he did it out of "respect" to BO, but HE doesn't deserve respect he has NOT earned it with me and if you look at the map a good portion of what is currently the UNITED STATES is NOT for BO. I will say it again and again until people listen there will be another war only this time on our own grounds against each other. Historical Amnesia has brought this all on.

though Radicals using BO to steal the power base of our Country, I am not angry ... I am one VERY hurt citizen that Americans of any color or shade would stoop so low as they did on Tuesday November Fourth 2008. I am happy my father and grandfather are not alive today to see what has happened to all their years fighting in wars to keep America free for those FREE today Americans to sign over their lives to a Socialist.

As an FYI Bush no isn't perfect or great, he was doing fine until 1.5 years ago when America started chiming they wanted change. so they started voting in dems THAT is when the economy started tanking as it has. Obamas tax plans are going to further RUIN this great nation. I have a good twenty friends from very well paying jobs out of a job as of yesterday. they were warned should Obama be elected that by the new year many more would be out of jobs because they won't be able to pay the taxes that obama has proposed and seeing that he has quiet the dem backing he will be able to pull off his wish list in bringing down America. He wants to do away with our flag, change our national anthem and so much more. Yeah we are getting change alright hope everyone that voted for this yeah there is no respectful term for him but congratulations for destroying America and ruining my dreams of being a business owner. At this point I can only hope for a miracle before he is inaugurated and really does damage.

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