Saturday, November 8, 2008

Concerning your 401k's and IRA's

Tom Eaglehoff Open for Business radio show on public radio just announced Charlie Rangel dem from NY said they are putting a bill together that is still in draft coming thru the end of the month not to be into the publics ears (no surprise right?) which will scoop all the 401K's and IRAs into the governments hands which supposedly would yield 3% above inflation. You will only be allowed to w/d a certain amount a month you would not be allowed to w/d all of it only a percentage.

2nd You will be forced to put 5% of your working income into this savings account without a choice and this is on top of the income tax already coming out which could be upwards of 75% depending on your state.

this is all that is known right now but considering we ourselves just had this conversation yesterday I felt it was necessary to pass along this information. So I think anyone in this predicament should act accordingly to protect what is yours!!! I am grateful now I never accepted anything like this while working corporate and shut down my bank accounts a few months ago and didn't listen to Wells Fargo when they were trying to get my business. Banks are NOT safe right now they are basically now government controlled.

Have I mentioned I am proud to be a Libertarian? OR that I hate Politics not that lately you could tell by my blog...sorry it has taken over RV and Homeschooling issues alike because I feel since I have taken my blinders off I NEED to help others take theirs off!!

We NEEED to take action now we conservatives WILL do what the liberals didn't have the balls to do and that is to take action.

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