Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama How Should We React?

Subject: Obama: R' Jacobson's class tonight
Importance: High

This week's topic:

President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama
How Should We React?

Many are wondering about Barack Obama's election to the most powerful
position in the world: The next President of the United States. Some are
shocked, others elated. Some disturbed and yet others terrfied. Is this a
celebration or a tragedy? Should we be frightened of this unknown figure? Or
should we cherish this unprecedented historical moment, of an African
American rising to the highest seat in the land, when just a mere century
ago he was oppressed and coming out of slavery? Is this event a sign of our
superficial, media-bite, fast-food times? Or is it a demonstration of
America's greatness, offering equal opportunity to all? Is this an anomaly
or the beginning of a new chapter in history? What does this election bode
for the burgeoning 21st Century?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in his weekly class as he discusses this
historical election. Time: Tonight, Wednesday night, November 5, 8:15PM.
Place: Our new home, MLC@ 6th, 326 East 6th St., bet. 1st & 2nd. Aves., in
downtown Manhattan's East Village. $10. Click here
SJ&Category_Code=E> to register and for more info. Subways: F to 2nd Ave. 6
to Astor Pl. L to 1st Ave. R or W to 8th St. Maps and Directions
07789,0.019226&num=10&iwloc=addr&iwstate1=saveplace> .

Tonight's class will also be available for on-line viewing. It will NOT be
broadcast live, but will be available right after the class (approx.
midnight EST) by clicking here <> .


NEW CLASS W/ Phillip Namanworth

We would also like to make you aware of a new Thursday evening class being
held in our home, MLC@6th, led by the inimitable musical mystic, Phillip
Namanworth. Phillip is a long-time student of Rabbi Jacobson's and is an
instrumental figure in the growth and reach of the Meaningful Life Center.
In his own right, Phillip is an accomplished musician and songwriter, a
brilliant blues player, who weaves spirituality and music into a powerful
life tapestry that inspires all who meet him.

As a member of the Meaningful Life Center for over twenty years, Phillip has
been studying Torah, especially its inner dimension, giving classes and
seminars, consulting individually and playing concerts.

With this class, major elements of Phillip's life converge: music,
mysticism, meaning, with, of course, a little mishegas thrown in. Please
join him in the exploration of your own inner music.

Phillip's new class is titled: Creative Spirituality: How Judaism Teaches
You to Play Your Inner Music. It will run each Thursday, beginning tomorrow,
November 5, 6:30-7:30 PM, followed by Q&A. Along with many other issues,
Phillip will be exploring our inner and outer energies and how your unique
soul can combine them: how to access and reveal your deepest self and
personality in the things that matter in your life. Click here
S&Category_Code=E> to register and for more info.

Please share this with friends and associates.
Thank you.

In the spirit of our ongoing effort to provide you with meaningful and
inspiring resources to enhance your life, please look forward to more
exciting programs and services as we develop a full audio/video department,
complementing our existing diverse menu of materials.

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