Thursday, November 6, 2008

Various News articles of the day

By Charles Levinson, USA TODAY
When Ohio was called for the Democrats and Obama's victory appeared all but certain, Sgt. Richard Reyes of Brooklyn, N.Y., turned to his...

The buzz: Who might Obama pick?

Posted: 11/06/2008

A number of names are being circulated for top Obama administration posts.

Transition is a test in itself

Posted: 11/06/2008

The 11 weeks between now and inauguration will test the functioning of government in crisis at home and abroad.

No More 'Business as Usual,' but the Lobby Business Will Be Just Fine

Posted: 11/06/2008

Despite President-elect Obama's tough talk on lobbying over the course of the campaign, lobbyists in the...

Who he surronds himself with will speak volumes abot what we can expect

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Post-Mortem

WSJ: Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a former Kerry staffer, argues that the treatment of George W. Bush has been a disgrace. I couldn't agree more

The Real Revo: An Open Letter To My Israeli Friends (caution: language warning).

STACLU: The media won: "They created Obama. They could have destroyed him in a minute if they had wanted to. Instead they promoted him, covered for him and used anything they could to discredit his opponents..."

Page Six: Crisis at 30 Rock as Keith Olbermann awards himself the "Worst Person in the World" for 2008.

The Corner: John Derbyshire is a sour loser.

Newsbusters: Funny, I didn't see this on Al Gore's website: "Green initiatives get slaughtered in California."

Michelle Malkin advises conservatives to gird their loins:
  • Oppose the Democrats’ next stimulus boondoggle.
  • Oppose Obama’s windfall profits tax proposal
  • Oppose new bailouts for states deep in debt
  • Oppose new foreclosure prevention measures that will simply provide perverse incentives for borrowers to walk away and delay a needed market correction
  • No more federal loan guarantees for corporations (especially in light of this.
Victor Davis Hanson offers the post-mortem.

EIB thanks Barack Obama for putting the Clinton Machine out of its misery: "Without Senator Obama, we would still be dealing with the specter of Hillary Clinton lurking around the Democrat Party seeking the White House. So I want to congratulate and thank Senator Obama for dispatching the Clintons, at least until he screws up enough to give them an opening to get back in."


Line o' the Day: The Earth will mend and Stock Prices will lower

Ace has the winnah.

The Age of Plenty Begins: Stocks Fall Nearly 500 Points/5% on Obama Win

The Dow Jones drop isn't bad news; Obama just lowered the price of stocks so the little guy has a chance to afford some, too.

Thanks, Barack!


Comrades in Grant Park

PatriotRoom pointed us to this stunning scene in Grant Park as our comrades celebrated the election victory of Barack Obama.

Hat tip: LGF Quicklinks.

Conservative Must Reads

  • AP News: World markets cash in on Obama win

  • Some final well written words:

    BO, America is not a Third World Country!

    America is not a racist Country.

    America was not a divided Country until you came along.

    Now do us all a favor and rethink your Third World and African political ideology and let others that have a better grasp of what America was before you stepped on the Political Stage develop the National Agenda for the next four years then you can retire in Communist Cuba for the rest of your life and enjoy Communism which you seem to love so much.

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