Monday, November 10, 2008

Interesting Breakdown by counties

I have been keeping tabs on counties in which I grew up in Wyoming. Park, Washakie and Big Horn counties overwhelmingly went to McCain. Not surpising Teton county where I moved after I left home was very Obama. I never felt I belonged there but it was beautiful so we continued to stay there and I think the only reason I survived staying there as long as I did was we went back to my home area on the other side of the mountain and I was able to ground a bit back to my country roots. there are only 2 counties in the whole state that went to Obama with no surprise. Sorry guess farmers aren't stupid!! In fact if you look at the overall map nationwide .... by COUNTY Obama would have lost by a landslide:-) Sorry mr obama you will lose if you are stupid enough to try anything you best be ready for war you and your obamabots will be the cause of our next civil war!! I would say our nation is about ready to turn their AMERICAN flags upside down as most of us are in distress in the disasterous not historic time in history. Ron Paul could be black and I would still have voted him over Obama because I believe in what he believes in...He is here for the country he loves not against it like Obama is.

Now interesting Teton County Idaho sorta xcsurprised me in a very very close near tie. Seperated by only 39 votes tilted towards BO...guess they aren't as libral as they would like to believe are they;0) However there is still enough farmers and mormons they haven't been able to push out yet.

Colorado no surprise areas we lived or closely familiar with Delta, Mesa, Montrose and Garfield counties were in McCain's favor! Not surprisingly Garfield county was barely by 85 votes.

Montana Gallatin and Lewis and Clark counties no surprise went to Obama. Around 2000 votes between these two counties went to other candidates.

You can check out your areas here: Election Results

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