Friday, November 7, 2008

Gun Sales are up

I just watched the ABC evening news reports that said EVEN OBAMA supporters are in on this fear of what he is going to do with gun I have one question WHY WHY WHY WHY were you sooooo stupid as to vote him into office...and because you didn't want McCain is NOT good enough in my book.

Did you know Ron Paul without campaigning as a 3rd party brought in 18,000 votes alone between the states of LA and MT?? And just under 50,000 votes nation wide??

DO NOT tell me BO has no plans to take away our rights or make it so difficult to get new guns because I don't care what he said during his campaign look at his voting record. HE voted NO we don't have rights to defend ourselves in our own homes!! The Dems say our Constitution is outdated and no longer really apply to our lives today!!! Excuse me???

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