Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dennis Miller from Jay Leno

" Dennis Miller was on Jay Leno, and he was really funny.

He was asked by Jay who he favors, and he said, 'I'm voting for McCain.
People need to understand that all of Hollywood is not for Obama.

Anyone who served their country in a rat hole as a prisoner for 5 years
deserves my vote. (Huge applause) Hey, he gave us 5 years, I'm willing
to give him 4 back."

I don't like the fact that Obama has played his color card all by
himself. He said, 'People might not vote for me because my name sounds
McCain and his people have never gone there. Obama playing that card
turns me off.

I'm not worried about the color of his skin I'm worried about the
thickness. Quite frankly, he gets a little too winey. (Huge applause)

And his wife; She is a bad night. If she were barking in my ear while
I was driving, I'd take a sharp left and go off the cliff.

Barack missed the boat when he didn't pick Hillary, and I'm no Hillary
fan. But quite frankly, she earned to be picked, and I believe the
American women can relate to her. She has been cheated on more often
than a blind woman playing scrabble with a bunch of gypsies.

Sarah Pallin isn't perfect, but I don't want her to be perfect. We've
had smart people as vice presidents before. Nixonwas smart, and he
turned out to be a nightmare. Gore was smart, but I never got him. I
want someone normal as VP who is like me.

People say McCain will die 1 day after being elected. Hey, everyone
knows Barack smokes, and look at what the actuarial tables say about a
47 year old smoker. He dies, we get Biden, and he's as old as McCain. He
dies, and we get Nancy Pelosi, and then I'm leaving the galaxy." (a side note from me...I am with Dennis on this one I will leave the galaxy as well!!!)

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